What properties determine the durability of a Towel?

Durability in towels is linked with several properties:-

Yarn used for its manufacture

Process of manufacture

Number of washes it went through during its wet treatment

Chemicals used during wet treatment

Usually if all goes right, then a Shuttle less loom made towel of generally 16/1 and 20/2 pile lasts longer than an Open end yarn Power Loom made towel made of 10/1 yarn. Open end yarn and power loom made towels are usually inferior in quality and tend to have lower weights, and balded appearance compared to that of the Ring Spun yarns. Further if the towels are bleached there are chances, if conditions go out of control during wet processing, strength of towels is compromised. One should therefore try to put a little pressure in the center of the towels by tearing between the fingers. If it is torn like a paper, applying little pressure, it means its not worthy and unfortunately experienced some wet processing issues during its treatment.

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